The Silencing

UK 15 Certificate
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October 19, 2020
1 Hour 34 Minutes
From Universal Pictures UK
strong threat, violence, language, domestic abuse

Rayburn Swanson understands loss. His only teenage daughter was kidnapped five years ago and since then, he has slipped into a downward spiral of alcoholism and self-destruction. After his daughter went missing, Rayburn swore off hunting and trapping and decided to help the very animals he used to kill by establishing a self-sufficient wildlife sanctuary that borders the inhospitable Boundary Waters Wildnerness.

Now he spends his days drinking and monitoring the animals’ activity with a series of closed-circuit cameras that surround his secluded property. His life becomes in jeopardy when Rayburn spots something horrifying on one of the security monitors; a killer dressed in a ghillie suit, hunting a girl on Rayburn’s sanctuary who resembles his missing daughter. Determined to save her, Rayburn teams up with local sheriff Alice Gustafson and sets off into the wilderness in a race to find her before the killer does.

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March 27, 2021

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