The End of Sex

UK 15 Certificate
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July 3, 2023
1 Hour 27 Minutes
Comedy, Romance
From Blue Finch Films
strong language, sex, sex references, nudity, drug misuse

After sending their kids away to a week-long sleepaway camp for the first time, Emma (Emily Hampshire) and Josh (Jonas Chernick), feeling the pressures of parenting, realise they have the house to themselves which can only mean one thing – a perfect opportunity to have as much sex as they want. There is only one problem: they are shocked to discover their love making has become stagnant.

Freaked out that this could be a sign of their relationship in decline, Emma and Josh desperately embark on a series of adventures that will push their marriage to the brink in the hopes of reinvigorating their sex life.

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May 24, 2023

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