Swede Caroline

UK 15 Certificate
In cinemas
April 19, 2024
1 Hour 37 Minutes
From Belstone Pictures
strong language, sex references, bloody violence

In this British mockumentary, the competitive giant vegetable-growing world is rocked by scandal when up-and-coming prospect Caroline has her prized marrow plants stolen.

With her life turned upside down and desperate for answers, she turns to two private detectives, who are then dramatically kidnapped. Are the events linked? No, of course not. But Caroline thinks they are and the hunt for her missing marrows takes her way beyond the allotments, plunging her into a national corruption scandal that goes all the way to the top!!

As Caroline readies herself for the big championship with the help of her trusty partners Willy and Paul, she sets off in search of the truth. On the way enduring kidnappings, car chases and – worst of all – courgettes. But will the culprit ever be caught? The film bounces from one quintessential British location to the next, as Caroline’s quest leads her from allotments to service stations, by way of chip shops and the odd lay-by.

Last updated
February 27, 2024

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