Ozi: Voice Of The Forest

UK PG Certificate
In cinemas
August 16, 2024
1 Hour 27 Minutes
From Signature Entertainment
mild threat

Meet Ozi, a little orphan orangutan who’s about to make a big difference when she goes on an epic adventure to save her forest home.

Separated from her parents when their forest home is destroyed, Ozi is taken in by kind wildlife sanctuary owners who keep her safe and slowly teach her to communicate through sign language. With the combination of her new skills and natural talent for social media, Ozi soon has a worldwide following.

When she learns that her parents might be alive, Ozi sets off on a quest to find them and to tell the world what is happening to the rainforest before it’s too late. With help from new friends, cheeky monkey Chance and loveable rhino Honkus, Ozi discovers that one voice really can change the world.

Last updated
July 11, 2024

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