An Inconvenient Truth

UK U Certificate
In cinemas
September 15, 2006
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December 26, 2006
1 Hour 36 Minutes
From Paramount Pictures UK
Contains images of ecological disasters

The film is a collection of clips of Al Gore's environmental speeches that he gave multiple times all over the world. Gore also provides some autobiographical information about his life on a farm as well as his experience in the presidential race.

He begins by explaining the overlap between increases in carbon emissions and increases in global temperature. He provides a brief explanation of the basic foundational theories on how climate change works.

He then goes into the impact of these temperature changes on the weather and increases in major storms, like Hurricane Katrina. Other natural catastrophes worldwide are depicted with powerful, often graphic, photos in a slideshow with several live audiences.

To avoid leaving audiences feeling hopelessly doomed, Gore rounds out the end of the movie with a call to action, with specific things people can do to slow the rate of carbon increases and climate change. He suggests ratifying the environmental treaty Kyoto, taking a more active role in politics, and making more mindful purchasing choices as ways to mitigate these negative impacts.

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