UK TBC Certificate
In cinemas
November 18, 2022
1 Hour 31 Minutes
From Unknown

AMUSIA from the Greek a-musia, meaning a lack of harmony, is a biological musical disorder that causes inability to process, understand and recognize music.

In a world saturated with music, AMUSIA tells the story of a girl who is born without the means to hear it.
The disease is called Amusia. It exists but nobody knows about it and it tortures her but nobody believes it. She had a lonely childhood which she spent defending herself from accusations and prejudice. The disease, and lack of acceptance, pushes her to run away, finding herself in a forgotten suburban neighbourhood. There she befriends a boy who is fighting his own solitude through music as he tries to prevent his own dreams from rotting away.
A love story between two people that turn out to be not so different after all.

Last updated
November 7, 2022

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