Keeping Terry Pratchett’s name alive forever

After Sir Terry Pratchett died last week (or was it the week before? – ed), the internet has been flooded with tributes.  Then reddit got hold of it and it went a touch more geeky!

This isn’t going to be a bit of an obit to the great author but more about how to keep his name alive on the Internet.

I’m not going to mention all the ways that you can help in this as the sub-reddit can tell you how to do it in multiple ways.  I’m just going to cover the ways that I know how to do it, and IIS…

Let’s start this how to by using the best, in my opinion, webserver.  Apache.
You can add it to the relevant .htaccess file or in the main httpd.conf file so all domains can serve the below new header.

Windows IIS is next.  Add this to the web.config file.  Don’t ask me where as I have no idea!

If you don’t have access to this method then you can add any of the below in the code of the web page itself.

This one has to go on the first line of the page, anywhere else will not display the page and produce a fatal PHP error.

The final method that I’ll be covering is for static web pages that can’t work with PHP.  All you need to do is add this in the <HEAD> of the page and then you’re away.

I was a big fan of his work, however after his diagnosis for Parkinsons, sorry, Alzheimer’s came out I was worried that his quality would drop off.  I got a couple of the Discworld books he released after that and it wasn’t the same.

The sense of loss when he died was quite large.  I was sad at his death as well as the rest of the Interweb.

His last three tweets made the world smile.  It was very much in his way.

The last tweets of Terry PractchettI’m sure it must have been planned before that they would be the tweets [ Just remember to read them from the bottom upwards ].  It also inspired a 4 frame cartoon strip.  The last frame is one of the most perfect ends of a comic strip that has ever been drawn 🙂

The last tweets - a comic

Goodbye Sir Terry.  Your name will live on in the overhead of the Internet for, hopefully, as long as the Internet is there.  This site is one of them that is broadcasting his name for all.