What’s New

Since starting this blog back in December 2012, it’s looked exactly the same. Now in 2017*, I decided to update the look as well as adding a load of new features that will grow over time.

Think of this as a changelog or similar as I’ll keep you listed on what’s new and what’s changed.

The Changes:

  • A new, snappy, web address at coyotepr.uk.
  • A heavily modified theme based on Activello.
  • A better search using Relevanssi.
  • More information about the post such as Distributor, the director, who stars in the film, social links & much more.
  • A full list of all, known, UK distributors.
    • If you’re missing then drop me a line and I’ll add you
    • Each distributor’s page shows all the films that that distributor has released*.
    • Brief “about the distributor” will be added when available.
  • A dedicated contact us page.
  • A HTML sitemap.
  • Fully responsive using Bootstrap.
  • A new search page that also gives you an idea of what to search for.
  • Dedicated page for each film mentioned*.
    • Links to any post that is relevant to that film.
  • Updated 404 page with Easter Egg on it
  • Each section in the more information section has its own title as a graphic.
    • Download the set here or drop me a line & I’ll send you a layered version. Just tell me what format you need it in so you can do your own version.
    • If you do use the graphics then please drop me a line so I can see where my work can get to.
  • Adding a little more advertising to some pages.  Sorry about that but I need to make something so I can keep this website up and running.
  • Now content is available to buy, digitally, from Google Play as well as iTunes in addition to Amazon.
  • Dedicated page to allow you to buy the film, soundtrack or the book (and audiobook) of any film we have.
  • Added a link to a Spotify album or playlist for the film.
  • Added link so you can buy, digitally, from Microsoft.
  • Added a “Today in history” page so you can look back on what we have written about on this day in the past.
  • Added a “coming soon” tab to each distributor so you can see, easily, what is coming soon.
  • Ongoing process of introducing bugs & removing then.

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* The upgrades started around September 20, 2017 and will, probably, never end.