The Hurricane Heist

UK 12A Certificate
In cinemas
Apr 6, 2018
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Oct 15, 2018
1 Hour 43 Minutes
Thriller, Drama, Crime
From Sky Cinema
moderate violence, threat, language, injury detail
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As an unstoppable and deadly hurricane bears down on the Gulf Coast of the US a mandatory emergency evacuation is underway clearing the city. The storm proves to be the perfect cover for a team of hackers to infiltrate a vulnerable Treasury facility and steal $600m.

Bracing himself for the impact of the hurricane, stormchaser and meteorologist Will finds himself caught up in the chaos and teams up with Casey, the only Treasury agent left standing and his wayward brother, Breeze. Together they must stop the ruthless thieves from pulling of the heist of a lifetime and survive the storm of the century.

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Nov 10, 2018



Image credit: Adriana Yankulova, Rico Torres