Tad The Lost Explorer And The Secret Of King Midas

UK U Certificate
In cinemas
Feb 9, 2018
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Jul 16, 2018
1 Hour 25 Minutes
Fantasy, Comedy, Animation
From Paramount Pictures UK
mild threat, comic violence
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Tad dreams of becoming an archaeologist travelling the world, uncovering hidden secrets and lost treasure, but his job working construction keeps him daydreaming instead of exploring. The chance of a lifetime comes when he is invited to attend archaeologist Sara Lavrof’s presentation of her latest discovery–the papyrus that proves the existence of the Necklace of Midas, the legendary King who turned everything he touched into solid gold. When an evil billionaire forces Sara to help him find the enchanted talisman, Tad must rescue the girl of his dreams on a trip around the world, in this new hilarious, action-packed adventure the whole family will love!

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Sep 1, 2018



Image credit: Mediaset España, Movistar, Paramount Pictures


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