Acts of Violence

UK 15 Certificate
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Apr 2, 2018
1 Hour 29 Minutes
From Signature
strong violence, language, sexualised nudity, drug references
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How far would you go for the one you love? For the MacGregor brothers, that question becomes a life-or-death decision that tests their strength, courage, and sense of family.

When Mia, the fiancée of Roman MacGregor, is abducted into a human trafficking ring, Roman and his brothers Brendan and Deklan decide to save Mia on their own. Brendan is the trio’s big-hearted protector, and Deklan is the troubled war vet trying to find his footing. They’re guided by Det. Avery, the cop on the case whose sense of duty will be pushed to its limits. Behind the abductions and trafficking is snake-like overlord Maxwell Livingston, a man who sees people as “products” and morality as weakness.

As the MacGregors sidestep official boundaries to rescue Mia, every second counts. But are they prepared for the ACTS OF VIOLENCE they’re about to experience?

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Sep 1, 2018



Image credit: Signature Entertainment